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Savage Bear  headshot image
Savage Bear
Director, McMaster Indigenous Research Institute
Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies

Areas of Interest

Social justice, Prison abolition, Body sovereignty, Sexuality and gender, Contemporary indigenous art, Indigenous literature
Ki'en Debicki headshot image
Ki'en Debicki
Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies
Assistant Professor, English & Cultural Studies

Contact Info

Christine Doolittle headshot image
Christine Doolittle
Academic Department Manager, Indigenous Studies


LRW 1811
Allan Downey headshot image
Allan Downey
Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies
Associate Professor, History
Member, McMaster Indigenous Research Institute (MIRI)


Chester New Hall (CNH) 617
Chelsea Gabel headshot image
Chelsea Gabel PhD
Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies
Associate Professor, Health, Aging & Society
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Well-Being, Community Engagement, and Innovation


Kenneth Taylor Hall 235

Areas of Interest

Arts-based research methods, Community based research, Digital technology, Indigenous health and well-being, Intergenerational communication
Ashley Green headshot image
Ashley Green
Undergraduate Administrative Assistant, Indigenous Studies


LRW 1811
Robert Innes headshot image
Robert Innes
chair, Indigenous Studies
Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies
Associate Professor, Political Science
Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies, University of Saskatchewan
Nicole Martin-Enlund headshot image
Nicole Martin-Enlund
Academic Department Manager, Indigenous Studies


L.R. Wilson Hall (LRW)
Dawn  Martin-Hill headshot image
Dawn Martin-Hill PhD
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies


Chester New Hall (CNH) 538

Areas of Interest

Aboriginal, Aboriginal health, Cultural preservation, Cultural reclamation & spirituality, Decolonization, Gender, Gender & sexuality, Indigenous knowledge, Language preservation, Social-cultural anthropology, Traditional medicine practices, Youth
Rick Monture headshot image
Rick Monture
Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies
Associate Professor, English & Cultural Studies
Member, McMaster Indigenous Research Institute (MIRI)


Chester New Hall (CNH) 209